How to set up VPN in MAC OS Important note: Name of VPN connection and username are given just for example. Use your own torrent vpn account details.

To Start click the apple logo, and select System Preferences

Setup VPN in Mac OS X - 1

Select the Network icon under Internet & Network

Setup VPN in Mac OS X - 2

in case you see a locked padlock in the bottom left, click on it. Otherwise skip to the next step.

Setup VPN in Mac OS X - 3

Type your password in the dialog box

Click on the little + icon just above the padlock

Setup VPN in Mac OS X - 5

Select VPN From the interface dropdown box.

Setup VPN in Mac OS X - 6

Select PPTP from the VPN Type dropdown box

Setup VPN in Mac OS X - 7

Enter the name on connection, and click Create

Setup VPN in Mac OS X - 8

Enter the VPN Server Address and your username that you have received from Torrent VPN. Also check the box that says Show VPN status in menu bar

Setup VPN in Mac OS X - 9

Click on the Authentication Settings button, and type your password

Setup VPN in Mac OS X - 10

Click the Apply button to save the settings.

Setup VPN in Mac OS X - 11

In the top right of the window, click the token icon that looks like this. From that, a menu will drop down. Click on the Connect link for your connecition. This will initiate the VPN connection.

Setup VPN in Mac OS X - 12

If everything is correct, you will be connected in a few seconds, and a timer will start showing you how long you have been connected to vpn.

Setup VPN in Mac OS X - 13

Find a setting in the VPN configuration under Advanced -> Options "Send all traffic over VPN connection" that does the above automatically.
Selecting this option has the effect of setting the default route for the system to that of the VPN.

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